Chose between an easy-to-use mobile testing platform and visual limit test kits for point-of-use rapid testing.

ExactBlue Mobile Lab Platform

Quantified microbial and disinfectant levels


Use your smartphone with our bluetooth kit to detect bacteria and other contaminants in your water in minutes. Total bacteria, free chlorine and hydrogen peroxide testing. A data platform that allows you to provides real-time reports and manage your customer data..

Aquavial Pro

AquaVialTM PRO is the ideal water quality screening tool for water treatment professionals. Designed for monitoring microbial levels and biofilm formation for drinking water applications, AquaVialTM PRO is:

    • an economic and efficacious warning system for Legionella control
    • an efficacy confirmation of water disinfection systems and other high risk water sources (medical and dental)

AquaVialTM PRO detects total microbial (bacteria and fungi) and biofilm levels. Detection limit can be adjusted from 100 CFU/ml to 500 CFU/ml or higher, depending on the application.

Aquavial EX

AquaVialTM EX is a rapid, highly sensitive water quality screening tool designed to identify E.coli at sampling point.AquaVialTM EX is a field-portable screening test that detects E.coli bacteria concentrations above 1 CFU/10ml (one bacterium per 10 ml) within 7 hours of incubation and as low as 1CFU/100ml, when incubation is extended to 9 hours. The dual vial system allows for duplicate testing at each sampling point and ensures reliable results are obtained every time

Aquavial E.Coli and Coliform

AquaVial Water Test Kit – E. Coli and Coliform is an easy-to-use screening test that can quickly detect the presence of these dangerous bacteria before they could lead to serious illness.

E coli and coliform presence is an indicator of water being contaminated with wild or farmed animal feces, and can pose serious health risks.  The World Health Organization recommends that drinking and recreational water have less than 1 CFU/ml of E coli and coliform bacteria.