Rapid and accurate microbial testing 

Take your testing outside the lab with ExactBlue®. Choose between an easy-to-use mobile testing platform and visual limit test kits for point-of-use rapid testing.

Test for general microbial contamination, or specific contaminants. Quick, convenient, and accurate, ExactBlue is an indispensable tool in your environmental quality management strategy. 

rapid testing

Why is microbial testing important?

Water contamination is an issue that concerns everyone.

  • Over 10,000 people are infected with Legionnaire’s from consuming Legionella  in the USA, and the number is growing every year (CDC)
  • Legionella in plumbing systems is responsible for majority of drinking water disease outbreaks (57.6%) (CDC)
  • Over 15 million U.S. households obtain drinking water from private wells that are subject to various environmental contaminants including seepage through landfills, failed septic tanks, underground storage tank infection, fertilizers and pesticides (EPA)
  • Majority of water borne disease outbreaks (51.5%) are related to untreated groundwater (EPA, CDC)
  • About 60% of public hot tubs are contaminated with bacteria beyond acceptable limits (CDC)
  • Millions of immunosuppressed consumers can get sick easily and with greater severity when exposed to bacteria not harmful to others

With water contamination being such a grave and widespread issue, it’s only logical to test your water for microbial contamination regularly. ExactBlue makes it simple to detect bacteria in minutes.



    rapid testing

    Dental lines and related equipment are a prime habitat for bacteria and some pathogens. Time is everything in dental offices. Having to wait for results for 24-48 in a dental office exposes them to the risk of having to recall patients, which can be very damaging for their business.


    Regulations and public health guidance in the EU and North America are increasingly expanding. In settings with high patient-interaction, such as hospitals and dental clinics, carrying on risk assessment and maintaining safe waterlines are quickly becoming regulated requirements.

    B2B Environmental Monitoring Services

    Environmental consulting and testing firms provide services that enable a broad range of infrastructure; from cooling towers, hotels, apartment buildings, private wells, water distribution, small businesses and more, to maintain  the right level of environmental controls for water, air, soil, surfaces, and more. In many industries , these firms are responsible   for managing the risk for clients around ever-increasing health guidelines, and safety standards.


    Farmers currently send samples to a lab for testing and take action based on the outcome. If a produce recall is issued, farmers are faced with dire consequences and possible bankruptcy. The feedback cycle of collecting samples and sending them to labs is too long: farmers are blindsided with unavoidable outcomes and testing is rendered useless.

    Food & Pharma Manufacturing

    Pharmaceutical and food manufacturing facilities are required to perform periodic environmental monitoring. Surfaces, water, air, and in-process and finished products must frequently be tested for microbial contamination.



    We’ve created easy to use qualitative and quantitative testing products that allow you to screen water regularly. At point of use, you can easily test for either specific bacteria, or total bacteria and fungal load. By screening regularly, you can catch water contamination issues early, and keep customers and end-users safe while saving money in the long-term. Our technology can be adapted for virtually any use case.

        • Breakthrough nanotechnology for microbial detection
        • 1000X faster than regular nutrient growth test methods used in standard microbiology laboratories: test time is reduced to minutes
        • Up to 50X more bacteria detected vs. lab based culture tests
        • Able to test reliably for both total microbial load and specific bacteria, at a fraction of the cost of a PCR test.
        • Costs reduced by over 50% per sample compared to  lab testing
        • Quantified mobile lab kit for professional users and Yes/No (limit) tests for consumer use.

    Our Technology


    ExactBlue®’s nanotech platform uses functionalized nanoparticles that attach to viable cells and produce a change that can be observed. Using our proprietary sample preparation methods, we can currently achieve detection limits required for pharmaceutical and medical water quality, and can easily meet drinking and recreational water testing  requirements.

    ExactBlue currently produces qualitative, limit based tests for E.coli, Total Coliforms, Pseudomonas, and Total Bacteria & Fungi. We have additionally developed a mobile lab platform that performs quantitative tests for Total Bacteria & Fungi and Legionella. We have an active R&D program to develop a wider variety of tests for use in multiple applications.

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