Farmers currently send samples to a lab, and deal with the outcome of a recall without notice. The challenge is that a produce recall is unpreventable and can bankrupt a grower. Lab testing is rendered useless by the long sampling and testing feedback cycle; by the time the results are back the product is already on shelves.

Farmers are required to monitor and test the water provided to animals, used in irrigation and washing of fresh produce.  Organic growers must test produce for E.coli contamination from fertilizer. Similarly, fish and seafood farmers have to test and monitor both the water and their farmed animals for microbial contaminants, such as E.coli and Vibrio.

ExactBlue® instills farmers with the confidence that their water is free of E.coli while eliminating the long lab testing process. It also provides fresh packagers with a tool to test packages produced in each shift;limiting the impact of an E.coli contamination, and preventing recalls.