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Majority of pools and hot tubs have bacterial levels that are not considered safe by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA)



Measuring and interpreting pool chemical data can be a confusing process. Many people just give up and over treat their pool. 

Exposure to over-chlorination can provoke asthma, lung irritation, and potentially skin and eye irritation.  As well as being potentially bad for you, it’s bad for your pool. High chlorine levels lower the pH of the water. It becomes more acidic. This results in corrosion of metal piping, pool equipment, and concrete surfaces. If your pool has a liner, the high water acidity can damage it. 

Importantly, simply changing the pool water is not an appropriate response when you do not know the cause of several issues. Owning an at-home pool or hot tub can be fun for the whole family. However, it is important for people who own pools or hot tubs in their homes to know how to take care of them and keep themselves and their families healthy and safe.

It’s important to understand the risks of maintaining a pool or hot tub. Here are some stats for public and commercial pools and spas. While these figures are for public facilities, it’s provides perspective on the real risks associated with water that is not properly diagnosed and treated. 

  • Over 60% of recreational pools and spas tested by the CDC have inadequate disinfection levels.
  • E.coli bacteria are responsible for an estimated 73,000 cases of infection and 61 deaths per year in the United States (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • In 2011-2012 alone, 90 outbreaks resulted in at least 1,788 cases, 95 hospitalizations, and one death(Center for Disease Control and Prevention). 


Exact Blue simplifies pool and hot tub maintenance. Traditional pool kits simply measure  chemical levels and go around the problem of understanding the microbial contamination levels.

Exact Blue minimizes the guesswork by helping you in the following ways:

  • Detects actual level of bacteria in water: Exact Blue detects a range of bacteria including those that are not culturable in the lab. Traditional lab testing can only detect 1% of known bacteria. ExactBlue detects majority of known bacteria. Learn more
  • Measures levels of chlorine: Accurately measures Chlorine levels and tells you if you need to add more to disinfect the water. No need to match up against testing strip kit color tables.
  • Provides immediate  results: Get results in minutes. No need to send results to lab and wait days by which time the chemical composition of your water has already changed. 
  • Generates actionable responses: Helps you maintain the right level of chemicals by giving you appropriate response based on your hot tub size.
  • Saves you money: Allow you to order the right amount of chemicals. Importantly, it can tell you how to decontaminate your pool water without having to change water with huge savings in time as well. 
  • Reminders and alerts: Creates a testing schedule and reminds you of when you need to test and disinfect.
  • Peace of mind: Keep statistics on your testing so you know all the important stats and what they mean.